A huge part of reclaiming food for ourselves will come from strengthening our local community. We  need to know where our food is coming from and how it’s being produced; this involves actually being familiar with the human beings growing, raising, and preparing it. It also means being more comfortable talking about food with one another. The good news is that a lot of this community already exists: not only does Boston have a number of great local farmers, grocers, and food minds, but the area’s entire population also currently eats, many of us every day. We just have to re-find each other. Hopefully, this page can help.

If you want to get listed here, contact us! We want you listed here, too.

Grocers & Purveyors

The Boston area features a number of local grocers and specialty shops who are committed to supporting area agriculture and serving our communities. The more customers they get, the better they can do, and the better off we’ll all be. Support and patronize these places! And, just as importantly, demand excellence of them. If you have questions or comments for them, go in and speak your mind!

  • City Feed & Supply | City Feed has two locations in Jamaica Plain, one on Centre Street and the smaller original store on Boylston Street. Local, in-season produce can always be found here, as can many other natural, organic, and specialty products. They also offer soups and sandwiches. Owners Kristine and David are earnest, available, and committed to serving the local community.
  • Don Otto’s Market | Don Otto’s (formerly Lionette’s) can be found on Tremont Street in Boston’s south end. They offer a variety of local fruits and vegetables, meats, and cheeses, as well as an ever-changing rotation of prepared foods.


There is power in numbers! Numerous Boston/Massachustts/New England organizations exists which seek to spread awareness of the issues we talk about on the site, and many that we don’t get to. These groups are great places to go to get detailed information on all sorts of pertinent subjects, because they often count experts and those close to the ground amongst their ranks. Check them out.


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    1. melissa says:

      are you still writing this blog? do you know if there will be an event this year for boston food trucks? i am moving to the north shore from SF and am hoping there will be yummy food trucks for me to check out. can you get in touch and let me know what you know?

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