Heather and Finn are two young twenty-somethings living in Boston who are interested in their food.  We believe that all food should be sustainable, ethical, and fair. That’s the food we stand for, and, to the best of our abilities, the food we support.

Caring about your food isn’t pretentious. There are a lot of corporations who want you to think it is, that food should be cheap and straightforward and that anyone who wants more than that is a snob. There are also a lot of self-proclaimed “foodies” who are just as bad, who think that knowing what charcuterie is makes you better and smarter than those who don’t. Both sides are wrong.

We need to take food back from these people, because our current system is going to do a lot of very, very bad things to the planet. Eating is awesome – we just need to think a little bit more before we do it. Ask questions. Talk to each other. On Eyes Wide Stomach, we’ll try to do that.

We’ll be writing mostly about Boston and the food that is available here. That’s how it should be. This is where we live. We encourage anyone and everyone to interact with us, though. Leave comments. Ask questions. Be critical. If you’re an expert, chime in.

If you eat, you’re already a participant in the food world. Why not participate on your own terms?

The Authors

Heather is a biologist by trade, risotto wizard by night. When she isn’t identifying kaffir lime leaves by the sound they make when you rub them between your fingers, she’s probably out shopping for dresses or thinking that she should be doing more yoga. People take easily to liking her. She takes easily to liking garlicky greens. Follow her on Twitter here.

Finn holds a degree in Economics and Political Science in one hand and a jar of peanut butter in the other. He is prone to ranting, and is much nicer in person than he seems on the internet. A good day includes pancakes, beans, and lots of caramelized onions. Follow him on Twitter here.


One Response to About

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Heather and Finn,

    I’d like to send you info about a food blogger event. Would shoot me an email with your contact info?

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