Brookline Has a New Winter Farmers Market

Last week, Wicked Local Brookline brought word that the city was considering approval for a once-weekly Farmers Market in the Coolidge Corner Arcade, at 318 Harvard Ave,  which would run every Sunday from November 2012 to June 2013. The city had a successful trial run of the idea last year, when a one-day-only market ran on Saturday, January 28th, 2012; this year, the same woman responsible for the initial idea, Linda Plazonja, was hoping that the city was on board with a more permanent offering.

It would appear that those hopes will be realized: today, Brookline selectman Jesse Mermell tweeted that the market will officially be open for business starting on Saturday, November 11th. At least one popular local vendor, Clear Flour Bread (purveyors of probably the finest bread you can get in the area), has posted on their website that they will be there. The aforementioned Wicked Local article quoted area farmers market veteran Kate Stillman, so it stands to reason that local heavyweight Stillman’s Farm will also be in attendance.

It’s a big win for Boston area residents, who already have an excellent Saturday winter farmers market in Somerville, at the Armory on 191 Highland Ave. If you’ve never been, these markets are hardly lean: while fruit may be in short supply (it is New England, after all), basically everything else is available, from vegetables, breads, and meats; to “specialty” items like cheeses, pastas, jams, kombucha, chocolate, and beer. New England’s local food scene is beginning to come full-circle: long after the passing of the age of the root cellar, eating seasonally is, once again, basically well within reach of any city resident. It’s much easier now, though: just grab a few bags, hop on the T, and shop.

Dread not the cold: a winter’s worth of sweet potatoes, leafy kale, Taza chocolate, and local beer awaits you. Is it December yet?

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