Boston’s 2011 Food Truck Challenge: Vote Now

Boston's city Hall Plaza -- one of the ugliest places in the developed world. Sustainable food trucks would spruce up the area, improve Boston's rep as a leading green city, and, you know, be delicious.

As has been mentioned here previously, the City of Boston has recently begun an initiative to populate City Hall Plaza with (hopefully) sustainably-minded Food Trucks beginning in approximately April of next year.  The Mayor’s office’s folks just finished running an open call for submissions; that call is now over, and they’ve winnowed down the entrants to a list of 12 Semifinalists. That list is available here; please check out the entries and vote on which six concepts you’d like to see advance to the next phase.

As a reminder, there’s a good chance that the restaurant which wins the contest will actually be serving many thousands of meals in City Hall Plaza to the workers of downtown Boston next year, so its important that we select a business whose sustainability plan seems earnest and legitimate. It’s obvious, when reading the blurbs, which businesses gave more thought to this than others.

(Sorry, Sushi Station — you’re probably not making my Top 6).

Downtown Boston really, really needs healthy, sustainable alternatives to the food that’s available there right now. Go read about the potential trucks and vote!


2 Responses to Boston’s 2011 Food Truck Challenge: Vote Now

  1. Josh Cole says:

    Thank you so much for your support in spreading the word with the Food Truck Challenge. Now I can only ask that you help spread the word of Tacos Locales.

    Why Tacos Loacles, you may ask. Tacos themselves are one of the original portable foods in the Americas and are perfect for a quick lunch or a walk around downtown. Taco trucks are huge in every major city but Boston, tacos after all are the original street/truck food. Our mission is to focus on the time honored tradition of authentic Mexican slow cooking because it not only lends itself incredibly well to the food truck concept, but if what taste best. We plan on using local farmers and purveyors for as many of our ingredients as possible. Having spent the past 14 years working in and out of some of the areas best restaurants, I know what it takes to bring our guests the most delicious food along with the most hospitable service in the city. We want to give people the chance to enjoy a fresh, healthy, fast, honest lunch while taking to time to establish working relationships with our farmers, ingredients, and guests alike. What’s more, you’d be helping two young restaurateurs open their first establishment.

    Thanks for your time. We would love the chance to chat a little more with you, but if not, we hope our proposal, philosophy, and honest approach have helped earn your support. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh wow, I did not know about this! How cool. Thank you for spreading the word!

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