At First Blush

A little but altogether wonderful surprise noticed when walking by our tomato plants — we’ve got our first blushing sungold! Blurry though it may be (ahem — it’s hard to notice this on a cell phone camera), it’s clear that this little guy will be ripe in short order. We’ve been more or less successful in figuring out how to grow the suckers. Now we’ve gotta figure out how to pick them.

(The first tomato to blush is, not surprisingly, the first tomato we ever had, which appeared about three weeks ago to the day. My, how you’ve grown.)


2 Responses to At First Blush

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hooray! Mine are starting to blush as well. Squirrels got my first blushers, but a few more are starting to brighten up. It’s so exciting!

    • Finn says:

      We saw that you had a thief. Squirrels though, eh? Hmm. We have squirrels in the back, too. I haven’t seen them up next to the building, but then again, there’s never been anything this delicious back there. We’ll have to monitor this closely.

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