From Up Above and Down Below

…Remember what I said last week about our eggplant not doing all that well?

We’ve got an eggplant! Though it looks more like a belly button at this point, it’s progress that we’re very excited about. The eggplant seems to attract a variety of little critters, as you can see in the photo. We’ve seen red ants crawling on the leaves, and some little green bugs congregating in the crevices which I’m 90% sure are aphids which we’re doing to have to do something about. So far they aren’t eating anything, but I’m sure they’re planning on it.

We’re away at Finn’s parents’ house in Belchertown for the holiday weekend, so when we get back we hope to have something to show off that looks a little more edible.


2 Responses to From Up Above and Down Below

  1. Adrienne says:

    Eek! yes, those little green dudes are aphids. It might not look like they’re doing any damage, but they’re sucking the life out of the stalks of the plant. They got my entire pea crop this year! I use lightly soapy water twice a day in a spray bottle to deter them, but you also have to pick them off by hand. We managed to rescue two peppers and a tomato from their nasty green grasp a few weeks ago. Good luck!

    • Finn says:

      After Heather spend the weekend pouty and stressed about this, we came back and couldn’t find a single thing on the eggplant leaves. Unsolved mystery.

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